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I have googled and searched, but can't find the command that 7zip command line utility uses for making incremental backups. So can someone please share the command ?


btw I found this link: http://wmug.co.uk/wmug/b/sean/archive/2009/03/20/powershell-amp-7zip-incremental-backup-solution.aspx . But it seems to be for differential backups, even though it says incremental.

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Should be simple, use this to create and incrementally update the archive:

7zr u -up0q3r2x2y2z1w2 {archive}.7z {path}

This page offers a reference for update options

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Hello, what do those many options mean? –  Zhianc Apr 27 at 7:34
It's a map from a file state to an action. There are seven possible states. –  ArtemGr Apr 27 at 12:06

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