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What is the easiest way to boot up in safe mode? It seems like I have a lot of trouble doing so.

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Just Googled the specification and out the box, it runs Windows XP. Providing you haven't installed another non Microsoft OS, follow these instructions:

To get to safe mode in XP, just press F8 the moment that the picture/text of the BIOS has finished, but before the Windows flag logo comes up.

You should then be able to select safe mode as a option.

If you keep missing it, keep pressing F8 every second from the moment you turn on the machine. You may hear warning beeping, however it should still work.

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I just press and hold F8. – Josh K Oct 12 '09 at 19:30
It's going to be F8 on any modern MS operating system. – MDMarra Oct 27 '09 at 3:30

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