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I'm trying to use a Gigaware USB -> Serial adapter that worked fine on Windows XP on Windows 8. It's not working and I get

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

A device which does not exist was specified.

in device manager. It says the drivers are up to date. What should I do?

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If this is your adapter - then it is based on Prolific PL2303 chipset and your best bet would be to use the drivers from the chipset manufacturer. But if your adapter contains an old revision of the chip - it is just not compatible with Windows 8:

Windows 8 is NOT supported in PL-2303HXA and PL-2303X EOL chip versions.

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Download this driver from Windows Update Catalog. Then Manually add the driver using Device Manager

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+1 for this answer! I had the same problem with my son's Cub Scout Pack's computer. I downloaded this driver and the converter is working now. – Jim Clark Feb 1 '14 at 11:55

What you need to do is downgrade the driver to the 2008 version and choose it specifically as per this page


the duplicate answer superuser page:

Gigaware USB to serial adapter not working on Windows 8

I found that this was needed when using the ADAfruit USB to TTL adapter cables.

The only issue is that every time you remove the device you will have to go through the same painful exercise as windows doesn't retain the driver association details.

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This tool WILL work if you are receiving the (Code 10) error. Despite all the comments about it not working on Windows 8/8.1, there is a simple way to make it work:

Just installed the driver and now connection via COM is possible:

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welcome on superuser. Your answer is borderline to be a link only answer, which isn't preferred as links can always break. Please edit it to include more information – Máté Juhász Nov 17 '15 at 10:42

The adapter you are referring to is not compatible with Windows 8, and even updating the drivers will not make it work either since it most likely has the old version of of the Prolific chipset. A solution would be using a FTDI based usb to serial converter which has better drivers and is compatible with Windows 8.

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I just had this problem also I downloaded the "Windows Update Catalog" after uninstalling and reinstalling driver, I went to device manager and updated the driver with the file I downloaded.

Works Great now.

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I also download the driver listed ( from Microsoft and manually added it. You must remove the Svk2pl.inf from the .cab, disable the device, select the .inf file. After you are done the will show up as Gigaware USB to Serial Cable (COMx) x=port. If you move the connection to another USB port you have to make the same change or you will still have the problem. The device works great now. I used the PL203CheckChipVersion.exe to verify my chip version, I am using PL-2303 XA / HXA chip. This tool will not work if you are receiving the (Code 10) error.

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