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There is no keyboard shortcut for menu items such as Refresh Folders. I have to use my mouse every time.

How can I define key bindings for menu items in Sublime Text 2?

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First, we need to determine the name of the command performed by the menu item:

Select the Packages… menu item (on Mac OS X it's in the application menu, submenu Preferences).

Navigate into the folder Default, and look for Main.sublime-menu. Open this file, and look for an entry corresponding to the label you're looking for. In this case:

{ "command": "refresh_folder_list", "caption": "Refresh Folders", "mnemonic": "e" },

The command name we're looking for is refresh_folder_list.

Now, select the Key Bindings — User menu item. A document will open.

Add the following as an additional entry to the top level array:

    "keys": ["ctrl+shift+option+r"], "command": "refresh_folder_list"

The file should look like this after editing:

    // possibly other entries in this array, each of them comma separated
        "keys": ["ctrl+shift+option+r"], "command": "refresh_folder_list"

Save and close to assign the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R to Refresh Folders. You can of course specify any key combination you want.

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Thanks, very useful to know where you can find commands! – Johannes Jan 31 '13 at 16:32

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