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I've written a bunch of scripts to colorize matches, like this:

$ echo abcdef | grepg c
$ echo abcdef | grepr e

It also works when I chain it:

$ echo abcef | grepr a | grepg b | grepg c | grepp e | grepl f
abcdef   [each letter have it's own style]

Hovewer when I try this for digits, the result is wrong:

$ echo 12345 | grepr 1 | grepg 2 | grepb 3 | grepp 4 | grepl 5

because if subsequent greps also match inside the escape sequences produced by earlier greps.

How to do it right? I need either to stop grep matching inside terminal escale sequences or make it match more than one pattern and colorize them to different colours.

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Take a look at lookkbehind and lookahead in regexes.

Something like


could work (I'm not sure about the format of the colorizing strings)

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