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It seems the copy & paste function of Performance Monitor on Windows 8 isn't working. I can't get this simple case to work:

  1. Launch Performance Monitor
  2. Copy the default % Processor Time counter to the clipboard
  3. Remove the counter from Performance Monitor
  4. Paste the clipboard contents back into Performance Monitor

The result should be that the % Processor Time counter should be back but it's not working. I can even paste the copied counter onto other non-Win8 machines and it works but not on a Win8 machine. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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I see the same thing in Windows Server 2012.

Here is a work-around:
On the computer you will be copying from:
(I believe steps 1-5 are not necessary on older OSes.)

  1. Run mmc
  2. File > Add/Remove Snap-in
  3. Performance Monitor > Add > OK
  4. Console Root > Performance (Local) > Monitoring Tools > Performance Monitor
  5. Add the counters that you want
  6. File ==> Save As... from the menu

Now, copy that .msc file to the destination computer.
It worked for me.

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