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So I imported an HD movie file into FCPX of one of my favorite movies. The file size was approximately 1.5 GB. I wanted to edit it to remove certain scenes, only trimming the entire 155 minute film to 150 minutes. The first time I edited it with untouched Quicktime movie settings it was just shy of 100 GB's. Then I edited using a different compressor setting to 1.46 GB and the quality and dimensions were crappy to say the least. How do I export it to the same original file size and maintain quality??? Its driving me nuts. It seems the best FCPX can do without loss of major quality (H.264 encoding) is a resulting file with the size of 16 GB's. AH!!!

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Hmm. What was the format (filetype, codec) of the original movie? – Marcus Chan Feb 1 '13 at 2:28

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