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I did a digital download of the iso for visual studio 2010 professional back a couple of years ago. When I got this iso I gave it to a coworker and asked for him to burn a few copies of the disc. I tried to use one of these discs the other day and they were not burned properly. I also lost the original iso from the download so I can't make another disc.

I found a trial version of visual studio 2010 professional which appears to be able to take a license key and convert for full usage according to here.

My question is if there is any difference in the build of the trial other than including some sort of lock out mechanism for when the trial days run out? Will I be missing menus like express version does? Will I be able to use power productivity tools and xceed datagrid, as well as other 3rd party add ins?

My only other vs2010 backup is a "web installer" which I do not want to archive going forward because at some future date that installer may not work.

My hopes are that someone can confirm for me that the trial with a legitimate license is pretty much the same build as my original pressed disc.

Thanks for reading.

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You must edit the file setup.sdb from the Trial ISO and change the product key there. Now create a new ISO and install it.

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thanks. making iso now and will test on a vm. – TWood Feb 1 '13 at 15:49

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