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I want to add, say A3 + B3 and have the sum of those two cells in C3, but apply this principle to the whole columns, so I will also get sum of A4 + B4 in C4 etc. all the way down to the sum of A432 + B432 in C432.

I am sure it's quite simple if you know how.

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In cell C3 type the formula


select C3. Right click » Copy. Select C432. To select the entire range C3–C432, press CtrlShift. Paste via CtrlV.

There are a dozen ways to do the same. As this is the most basic of tasks, perhaps a tutorial would be useful.

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Works a treat!Thanks for your help. I guess a tutorial is the way to go for this user...... – Robin Jan 31 '13 at 22:08

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