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I've got an Antec Fusion Remote Black Media PC case at home. The case needs two internal 9 pin USB headers to be fully functional - one for the USB ports on the front, and one for the LCD display.

I've recently had to replace the MOBO, and I'm now using a Gigabyte GA-A75M-D2H, which has one internal USB3/2 (20 pin) header, and one USB2/1 (9 pin) header.

If I understand correctly:

  • The 9 pin header should be able to support two USB devices - but it didn't come with an adapter plug to do so
  • I should be able to use the USB3 port, however I don't have a 9 pin male to 20 pin female adapter (i.e. to plug between the motherboard and the case)

Can anyone tell me what I need to buy to get this to work? I'm sure that eBay must have something to help me out here but darned if I can find it. The best I can find is a USB expansion board (e.g. something like this) but that seems like overkill.


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Yikes, there are tons of 9-pin female to 20-pin male (to plug USB3 case into USB2 motherboard and use it as USB2), but I gather you need the opposite: 9-pin male to 20-pin female.

Though you might get lucky! This tom's hardware post links to this adapter which I think is what you need. At least you've got a model to look for or ask your local shops if they could order one.

Edit: Alternatively, you could use an internal to external usb2 adapter and plug it to your outside USB ports or to your USB3 header with something like this.

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Yes! That is precisely the cable I need, thanks! Now, why on earth is shipping to Australia twice the cost of the cable?! – gerrod Feb 1 '13 at 4:56

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