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I currently own a HP EliteBook 8530p laptop.

The screen resolution is 1280x800. This is way too low for my standards, so I'm considering ordering another laptop screen with a higher resolution (for example this one, 1920x1200).

Problem is, I searched some forums and it seems some people succeed in replacing their laptop screen with another resolution, but some other people don't. The laptop just doesn't recognize the new resolution, they are forced into the original resolution.

My question is: will this work on my laptop?

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This will often depend on the graphics chip in your laptop. Replacing your screen with a replacement provided by HP should generally work, assuming your graphics chip supports the resolution you're moving to.

Another issue could be with the drivers provided by HP. A generic driver provided by ATI or Nvidia should be able to scale to the maximum resolution for your chip and monitor, but theoretically, HP could limit the maximum resolution supported within the graphics driver.

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Tried it, it worked. –  e-t172 Oct 23 '09 at 13:24

My advice would not be to attempt this unless you have read success stories of your exact laptop being upgraded with a certain LCD. If I could find success stories with certain hardware, I would make sure to aquire that exact hardware for the upgrade. It is still a gamble either way, but you can be at least much more likely to have success using a configuration that has been successful before at least once.

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