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I own an Asus EEEPC 4G and have installed Windows XP on it. The 4GB internal SSD is almost full and it keeps giving me regular warning of disk full. I have tried everything under the sun to create some space but it is not possible to go on.

I am now looking at upgrading the SSD card. I want to replace 4GB card with 32 or 64GB card and reinstall Windows.

Can you let me know if it is possible to remove and reinstall a new SSD card?
If so how?

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Could you tell us the precise model of EEEPC you have? – Silver Quettier Feb 1 '13 at 9:44

Before I say anything else: Whoa, that's an interesting computer. Pretty cool.

Anyway... about the mods. (I'm just searching around on the internet, if it wasn't already obvious; I have no experience with Eee hardware.)

  • This link is a wiki of Eee PC upgrades, such as hacking a USB flash drive in as storage, but that takes serious hardware modding skills
  • this blog article says it's sometimes possible to replace the wireless card with an ssd (I think?)
  • This EeeUser Forums thread is the best info I've found so far; it looks like the 4Gb SSD is soldered on to the motherboard (and therefore not upgradeable), however some(?) of the shipped models have a mini-PCI slot that can support an SSD with hacking, and more importantly it's relatively easy to put an sd card in and boot from it.

Since there's such a large group of Eee PC enthusiasts (apparently), I think your best bet is to join a forum where people have hardware expertise with your system, and ask them for advice.

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