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When I enable both Hyper-V and hardware virtualization in BIOS, Windows 8 hangs after POSTing. It sits at the Windows logo indefinitely, but disabling either Virtualization in the BIOS or Hyper-V in Windows solves the problem. According to CoreInfo, my processor supports it.

I'm running:

All signs seem to point to the two being able to play nicely together, but reality seems to disagree. Assuming I have the latest BIOS version, does anybody know if there might be some other problem?

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Figured it out! Turns out I just needed to update my BIOS. I'd done so a few months ago, but I must not have grabbed the absolute latest version because they were labeled as "Beta drivers". If anybody else is having this issue, visit Gigabyte's page for the motherboard, and download the FDE BIOS. Updating to that version and enabling Virtualization in BIOS setup worked like a charm.

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