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I have a dataset with the complete text of the Greek Novum Testamentum (New Testament); see an image here.

Each line is one verse.  I will find the book and chapter boundaries with the help of these statistics.

I want to import this into Calc. (I love Calc - since it makes very very easy to search for verses.)  How can I organize the text in Calc to reflect the book/chapter structure of the source document?

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It would probably be easier if you took the text from a source that hadn't already discarded the book/chapter information. What if you have a slightly different edition? The whole system won't work then. – Janus Troelsen Feb 1 '13 at 19:14
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I would insert a column A containing the book name and a column B with the chapter No. Then I would activate the Autofilter function (Data->Filter->Autofilter) and I would format column C (the verse) to wrap text.

With the autofilter set to view all cells, a search will search everything. With only a few chapters or verses visible a search will only search them.

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hello dear W_WHALLEY - many many thanks - great ideas. I will do as adviced. – zero Feb 2 '13 at 10:01

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