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I am looking to install an extra 4 GB of RAM on my Samsung Series 5 (NP530U3B-A01US) and have watched videos on YouTube for the installation. It seems to be too easy to be true in the videos...

For this model, do I just attach the new RAM chip (while power is off) and start the CPU as normal and it's done?... No soldering? No software install?

Clearly, I am inexperienced, but am looking forward to having anyone's help...THANKS!

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RAM is generally a good user-replaceable part and a great introduction to computer hardware upgrades, no soldering required :) See Ramhound's instructions, they look good to me. –  Marcus Chan Feb 1 '13 at 18:34
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The memory is user replaceable per the user manual and online documentation.

Expandable and upgradable features

A lack of storage or memory can really hamper your ability to work efficiently. The Samsung Series 5 ULTRA includes a HDD (max. 500GB) with over 2x the capacity of other slim models and up to 8GB of upgradable memory to help you multi-task effectively. Plus it includes a full HDMI port and VGA adapter.

530U3B SERIES 5 Ultrabook Technical Specifications

Memory Upgrade Process

Warning: Without using a paper clip (or similar sized object) to press the button in the "Emergency Hole" to cut the battery power you can fry your motherboard by doing what this guy does. Please refer to your Samsung manual for more info.

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Yes, it is that easy, but:
1) Get the right type of RAM
2) Make sure you are not staticly charged when touching the SoDIMM. (e.g touch something grounded like the heating before you start).

Other than that, remove the cover, clip the SoDIMM in place and replace the cover. Then you are ready to turn on the laptop.

Nitpick detail: Start the laptop, not start the CPU.

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