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After 4 years I now want to revert my computer back to the original Windows 7 install as it's getting slow and just want a fresh start.

My computer had originally a vista operating on the computer which I don't want back and are the disks that came with my computer.

Can I make a bootdisk from my windows 7 installation so when boot from it will offer me the choice to revert to factory settings


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How did Windows 7 get on your machine? If not at a factory, then there are no "factory settings" for Windows 7 for your machine. If you installed it and didn't take a backup, then you'll have to install it again. If there was an easier way to do it, you would have done it that way the first time. – David Schwartz Feb 1 '13 at 22:55
@JohnnyQ - Format your HDD then install Windows 7 on it. – Ramhound Feb 2 '13 at 0:52

You can't make a boot cd/dvd from Your OS already installed on computer. You will need a bootable dvd with win 7 OS on it.And with that You can make a clean install.

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