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How can I do this? I'm using Caffeine, but that does nothing about the network (WiFi, internet) from shutting off completely when my lid closes.

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InsomniaX can prevent your computer from sleeping with the lid closed, is that what you want? Or are you looking for a method to sleep the computer and keep the network connected?

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I've tried this. InsomniaX is unusable on my Mac and makes it run slowly. Also, it does the same thing as Caffeine. It prevents the computer from sleeping, but still let's the networking turn off. I want to be able to close my lid, run to another location, then open my lid and still see messages from IRC that I might have missed. I want to remain connected to the internet while I close my lid, at least for the first few minutes of closing my lid. – Sam Feb 11 '13 at 1:15

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