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i am trying to use the at command to do a specific one time execution. assume that i have a batch file at c:\bat.bat that contains:

%* > d:\out.txt

i also have a Java with path registered in my Windows 7 x64. then i open a CMD prompt as an administrator and try to execute the batch file, like this:

c:\bat.bat java

above command will execute the batch with a 'java' string as a lone parameter. the 'java' then will be passed into the batch and run with output redirection to a specific file, d:\out.txt. the execution runs properly and the out.txt is created and contains some java usage messages.

okay, the problem is, when i am trying to use the at command like:

at 9:10 c:\bat.bat java

the out.txt never created, any idea,.? note: you can try to put any other program as a parameter.

thanks you for your help :)

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By default, scheduled tasks run under the SYSTEM account which probably does not have write-access to the location you're trying to write to d:\out.txt.

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Will the /interactive parameter help in this case? – Karan Feb 2 '13 at 3:02
no, /interactive doesn't help. i have also see the event log, and found nothing related to the task schedule. i also change the d:\out.txt to c: drive, still not working,. – simaremare Feb 2 '13 at 3:31

try that

at 9:45 cmd /c "c:\bat.bat java"
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