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Is there a utility program for tracking internet connection speeds?

The program would test internet upload and download speeds periodically (e.g. once every hour) and record the results.

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What OS ? I'd imagine knowing this is quite fundimental to an answer - but the solution would be different for Linux, Mac or Windows, and I suspect even between Windows versions. – davidgo Feb 2 '13 at 7:08
Windows Vista, 7 or 8. I have all of them, so a program for any of them will be fine. The internet connection speed seems to vary a lot, so want to find out how bad that is in order to decide whether to switch to another provider. – Hong Feb 2 '13 at 13:22
This question is a duplicate of several others, including… and…. – goblinbox Apr 20 '13 at 22:52
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TestMy.Net offers a tool to automatically check you internet connection speed for multiple attempts. It does not run infinitely, but it should give you a good idea whether your connection speed is too slow for what you pay for.

Here's the link:

Make sure you don't use your connection though, otherwise your results will be skewed, best leave it running while you are at work, kids at school, etc.

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This is exactly what I need. Thank you! – Hong Apr 21 '13 at 12:07

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