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Though i use Word very well, with keyboard shortcuts etc, I don't know much about computers or terminology so please don't use technical terms.

I live in Italy. I need an American keyboard (ideally I would like the possibility to switch back and forth since i occasionally write in italian and would need the accented vowel keys but i can do without that.)

I have no problem if the computer displays are in Italian, but i need the keyboard to use the US English positions (not UK English, with quotation marks over the 2 key)

I'd like to buy a netbook as my main computer but want it to be cheap. The cheap ones all have windows 7 starter. My main problem would be if i can set the keyboard to one that doesn't correspond to the actual physical keyboard (that is, use american key positons on an Italian computer with italian key positions.) I'll scrape off the letters that are different, since i can touch type. I know i can do it with my current laptop (windows vista) but I won't buy the netbook with windows 7 starter if i can't get the american keyboard.

Even better would be if i could easily switch back and forth.

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That seems to be about the language on the screen, while I read Siduri's question as merely switching locale for the keyboard. (and keeping the same -Italian- language output regardless of the keyboard setting -Internetional or Italian-). – Hennes Feb 2 '13 at 23:30
You could look into using the International English keyboard layout for local characters. It's the US qwerty layout, but makes several special character keys like " into deadkeys, to allow typing e.g. "e to get "ë". – Daniel Beck Feb 4 '13 at 12:31
Reopened this question, as it's about the keyboard layout, not the display language. – Daniel Beck Feb 4 '13 at 12:34

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