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I want to change the default Login Screen background/theme in Centos 6.3. The INSTALL folder in the theme I downloaded says:

Use 'gdmsetup' to install.

But gdmsetup isn't a recognized command. I installed the latest EPEL repositories and tried a yum install gdmsetup that didn't work.

I did yum list *gdm* and I got this:

[root@localhost BlueSwirl]# yum list *gdm*
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, security
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base: mirrors.syringanetworks.net
 * epel: mirror.itc.virginia.edu
 * extras: centos.aol.com
 * updates: mirror.symnds.com
Installed Packages
gdm.x86_64                         1:2.30.4-33.el6_3.2 @updates                 
gdm-libs.x86_64                    1:2.30.4-33.el6_3.2 @updates                 
gdm-plugin-fingerprint.x86_64      1:2.30.4-33.el6_3.2 @updates                 
gdm-user-switch-applet.x86_64      1:2.30.4-33.el6_3.2 @updates                 
plymouth-gdm-hooks.x86_64          0.8.3-24.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201207061011.x86_64/6.3
pulseaudio-gdm-hooks.x86_64        0.9.21-14.el6_3     @updates                 
Available Packages
gdm-libs.i686                      1:2.30.4-33.el6_3.2 updates                  
gdm-plugin-smartcard.x86_64        1:2.30.4-33.el6_3.2 updates                  
lcgdm-dav.x86_64                   0.11.0-1.el6        epel                     
lcgdm-dav-devel.i686               0.11.0-1.el6        epel                     
lcgdm-dav-devel.x86_64             0.11.0-1.el6        epel                     
lcgdm-dav-libs.i686                0.11.0-1.el6        epel                     
lcgdm-dav-libs.x86_64              0.11.0-1.el6        epel                     
lcgdm-dav-server.x86_64            0.11.0-1.el6        epel                     
lcgdm-devel.i686                   1.8.6-1.el6         epel                     
lcgdm-devel.x86_64                 1.8.6-1.el6         epel                     
lcgdm-libs.i686                    1.8.6-1.el6         epel                     
lcgdm-libs.x86_64                  1.8.6-1.el6         epel                     
nagios-lcgdm.x86_64                0.9.4-1.el6         epel                     
nagios-plugins-lcgdm.x86_64        0.9.4-1.el6         epel                     
nagios-plugins-lcgdm-common.x86_64 0.9.4-1.el6         epel                     
root-gdml.x86_64                   5.28.00h-2.el6      epel                     
[root@localhost BlueSwirl]# 

I'm not sure what I'm missing or what I need to do. Can anyone tell me how to customize my login screen or use some sort of theme installer to customize it?

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Try with yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment" "X Window System" –  Renju Chandran chingath Sep 19 '13 at 11:46
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I have been having the same problem, only on Debian Squeeze with an older kernel (I'm running it on VERY old hardware). I have in the past used an older version of gdmsetup that would allow one to change the login screen, theme, and a few other customizations. Check your version of gnome by typing: gnome-about (in terminal). If you have GNOME 3, others running GNOME 3 have reported that gdmsetup is just gone, not in GNOME 3 at all. I am still technically running GNOME 2.3, but I fear that the lack of choice that came in with GNOME 3.x is bleeding over into the legacy GNOME programs. Now all I get with that command is a lame pop-up window that will only let you choose whether to login automatically, or get shown a list of logins. I have bookmarked this page; if I find out why they punked gdmsetup, I'll report back, but no joy so far. Good Luck! -drachenchen

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