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My headphone jack doesn't work under Windows 7 64 bit.

I tried the following things:

  • 3 different headphones speakers
  • 2 different versions of the Realtek driver (2.7 / 2.6)
  • Standard Windows 7 drivers

I can't see anything apart from "Speakers" in the playback devices (I have enabled Show hidden / deactivated devices). Under Ubuntu there is no problem whatsoever!

When I used the Realtek configurator I wanted to disable the auto-detection of plugged in speakers, but the option (the little folder icon) wasn't there, in neither version.

I use HDMI to connect my screen from time to time. The audio jack from the screen does work (sometimes!). But I guess that's unrelated, because even when I boot Windows without the screen, it still doesn't work.

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Is the audio device detected in Windows? Some older version of the Realtek hardware are not supported in Vista and newer. –  Keltari Feb 3 '13 at 0:33

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Try completely uninstalling the realtek drivers and then reboot and see if Windows propitery audio drivers detect.

Hopefully the audio device has been correctly detected by Windows, to check it go to "Device Manager"

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As mentioned, I have tried the standard Windows driver already. –  Otze Feb 3 '13 at 17:05

I had the same problem in my Lenovo Thinkpad W540. Things were working fine and suddenly whenever I plugged in my headphones, Windows was not changing plackback device to headphone. This is what I did to fix the problem,

  1. Reinstalled the chipset drivers.
  2. Uninstalled the Audio Drivers and reinstalled it again.
  3. Updated my BIOS.
  4. Restarted my machine.

Now it working fine. When I plugin the headphones, windows is automatically changing the playback

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