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I want to customize my TEW-671BR router to meet my needs. I've cross-compiled and installed telnet, tftp client and daemon and it works, but one thing that I want the most doesn't. I want that router to have WISP functionality - that is Wireless Internet Service Provider. I don't know if this is possible to be done anyway, but I can't carry it myself, I failed and I've got no clues how to fallow so I'm asking for help. Here is how I've reached the point where I am:

At first I'd add telnet, utftp and utftpd to firmware, upload new moddified firmware, then transfered rt2860sta.ko cross-compiled driver through utftp(more exactly from 2010_07_16_RT2860_Linux_STA_v2.4.0.0.tar.gzip file). I can unload default driver using command(through telnet) "rmmod rt2860v2_ap" and load rt2860sta.ko with command "insmod rt2860sta.ko". There is no error message and it loads, but it doesn't work !, why ?. iwconfig, ifconfig and iwpriv commands output is like there is no any driver and lsmod shows me the driver is loaded but not used.

What's wrong ?

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Cab you confirm that you are using the right driver for your hardware? This is not entirely trivial since some manufacturers switch used [wireless] chipsets without changing the model number. – Hennes Feb 3 '13 at 1:06
I can't be sure of that. Here is a list of supported devices by this driver <>;, but I can't run lspci command on router because there is no lspci applet in it's BusyBox. I think I need a new driver because with the original I can't use iwconfig and iwpriv commands with proper parameters to set it into wlan client mode, that is an error messages are returned "Operation not supported" or something like this and I cant find rt2860v2_sta driver – user1978386 Feb 3 '13 at 1:20
Depending on how much the router logs you might find some more information in the boot logs. Or -if it has it- in /proc. (preferably while the old working driver is loaded). A fallback plan would be to open the router and hope for unobscured numbers on chips. – Hennes Feb 3 '13 at 1:38
I've found and compiled new driver - rt2860v2_sta(from google code) – user1978386 Feb 3 '13 at 20:09
The driver loads and works, but I can't use iwpriv and iwconfig commands the way I want - error messages are returned stateing that operation is not supported. How to resolve the problem ? – user1978386 Feb 3 '13 at 20:11

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