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I'm trying to write a Bash script that is aware of internet connectivity.

How can I achieve that?

For example:

if (something that checks internet connection);then
curl -o new someurl
exit 1
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Try using the curl command and checking the exit status in an if statement.

curl -D- -o /dev/null -s
if [[ $? == 0 ]]; then
  exit 1
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I was using snmp when I had a router that support it to get the ip assigned to the Wan interface (.253 was the router addr):

IP=$(/usr/bin/snmpwalk -v2c -Ov -cpublic \
          IP-MIB::ipAdEntAddr 2>/dev/null \
          | /bin/grep -v "\|\|")

Or maybe you could webscarp it from the router's stat pages with curl.

Currently instead I use to check/get the ip from the service I use for the dynamic dns:

IP=$(curl -s '' | sed 's/.*Current IP Address: \([0-9\.]*\).*/\1/g')

and then:

if [ "$IP" != "" ] && [ "$IP" != "" ]; then
   # connected
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