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I am trying to batch convert a bunch of files and i am doing an simple listing of the converted files to a text document so that i can stop the script and continue from approximately were i started.

#! /bin/sh

find $source_dir -type f -regex ".*/.*\.\(mov\|mpg\|mkv\|avi\|m2v\|wmv\|flv\|m2ts\|vob\)" | {
while read file
  touch converted.txt

  if grep -Fxq "$filename" converted.txt
    echo "$(tput setaf 2)File "$filename" is allready converted, ignoring it :D$(tput setaf 7)"
    # Extract subtitles for mkv files
    echo $ext
    if [ "$ext"=="mkv" ]; then
      # <- default subtitle
      # <- other languages
      mkvinfo=$(mkvinfo $file | grep subtitles -B3 -A3)

      # Replace existing .srt
      # rm $dirname/$

      # Extract subtitle from mkv
      # mkvextract tracks input.mkv -c ISO8859-1 3:$dirname/$basename.$

    avconv -y -i $file -map 0 -map -0:s -vcodec libx264 -acodec libfaac $dirname/$basename.mp4

    # Store the filename in list
    echo $filename >> converted.txt

There you go, subtitle extraction is also in progress but i am having trouble with knowing if avconv fails or not, is there a way?

Edit Somewhat done with this script now, here it is thanks for the help!

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Most commands return a non-zero return value if an error occurred. You can either capture that return code or act on it with via || and &&.


avconv -y -i file1 ; echo command finished

avconv -y -i file1 && echo command finished successfully.

avconv -y -i file1 || echo command finished but indicated failure!


You can also check $? in the shell. example:

echo $?
echo $?

True always succeeds. If you run the test script it will return a 0.
False always fails. If you run the test script it will return a non-0. (in my case a 1, but that can vary).

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Hey that worked! – eldamar Feb 3 '13 at 15:06

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