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Last year, I had no trouble with doing the following:

  • Create virtual machine
  • Set network adapter to bridged adapter
  • Set static IP
  • Guest connects to Internet, host connects to guest @ 192.168.1.xxx

Bought a SSD, reinstalled Win7, programs etc., cannot accomplish the same.

Scenario 1: bridged adapter + leave /etc/network/interfaces left as dhcp, I can ping out from guest.

Scenario 2: bridged adapter + /etc/network/interfaces set to static, host can connect to guest, but guest cannot see WWW.

This interfaces setting used to work for me:

  1. auto eth0
  2. iface eth0 inet static
  3. address
  4. netmask
  5. gateway [or gateway]

from Vbox [not enough points for image]

  1. Host-only network details
  2. adapter
  3. IPv4 Address:
  4. IPv4 Network Mask:

Host network like:

  1. VirtualBox Host Only Network
  2. Unidentified Network
  3. VirtualBox Host Only Network Adapter

Wireless Network Connection
Belkin USB Wireless Adapter

I have tried abandoning the bridged adapter for NAT+Host only as I've seen in several posts like this one, but the results are the same.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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