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I was in AMD Catalyst Control Centre (CCC) and saw the AMD Overdrive function so me thinking this could cause no harm I messed with the settings. I didn't put the settings up high at all. I then click apply. Everything seemed fine. I then opened World of Warcraft.

Right when I did that I got red triangles all over and my screen froze. I panicked and shut my computer down. I then restarted it normally. Everything seemed normal again. I then opened CCC again. Right when I did that all the triangles appeared again. I then restarted and open CCC again I got in and turned the settings down.

I opened World of Warcraft again. It froze but then unfroze but I lost my cursor. I haven't messed with my computer anymore. I'm too afraid. Imagine its lagging because I turned the settings ALL the way down. Maybe I should just reinstall the driver? I'm pretty sure no hardware is damaged or my computer would crash as soon as I opened a program.

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Your message is a bit hard to understand. Please tell what your computer is, what operating system you run, and what you mean by CCC, and what you did with AMD Overdrive. Without exact details, it is unlikely somebody will be able to diagnose your problem. – vonbrand Feb 4 '13 at 4:53
CCC= catalyst control center windows 7 HP Slimline. Overdrive is AMD version of overclocking. – nex Feb 4 '13 at 5:02

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