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I have an HP dv7 6051ei notebook which has 2 drives in where one has Fedora 18 on it, and the other has Windows 8 on it. Currently my fedora drive is set as the primary drive so when the netbook starts up I auto boot into Fedora 18.

How can I dual boot these two OS's, and where do I even start? I don't have any experience with dual booting and I'm fairly new to Linux as well. So keeping the explanation more in plain English would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Pretty much its that.

Firstly check if your notebook lets you select which drive to boot from - if both installs have their own bootloaders, you can simply use the bios boot selection options to switch boot drives. If you installed fedora after windows, or update grub, the fedora/grub bootloader should show the windows drive as well for you to select from.

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I do know that I can go into the bios and select which of the two HDD's to use as the primary. Also I did install Fedora after windows (Does it matter though since it's 2 different drives?). Currently GRUB doesn't list my windows disk, how do you update GRUB? Perhaps that will solve the issue and the Win8 drive will show up in GRUB... – Dean Gibson Feb 4 '13 at 8:29
Perform sudo update-grub and it should detect your Windows automatically, I believe. – Marcus Chan Feb 4 '13 at 8:34
@Marcus Chan - Thanks Marcus, I don't have sudo but I did run this: grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg Which seems like it detected my windows 8 hdd. Going to test it now... – Dean Gibson Feb 4 '13 at 8:38
Nice, the above command I ran seemed to have updated grub and windows 8 is now displayed as an option to boot into at startup. Thanks! Although Windows 8 is stuck on the startup screen.. But that's just windows for you. – Dean Gibson Feb 4 '13 at 8:46

for dual boot you can either install both the os on one drive and keep other drive for another use.

  • for this first install windows 8 and then install fedora 18
  • fedora 18 automatically detects the windows and display in the grub screen
  • if it's not then type command in fedora terminal (after mounting windows 8 drive)

    grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

if you want to install fedora first and then windows then it can be done . you can add fedora 18 in windows boot loader by which you can found here

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