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For a (noncommercial) hobby project I want to send an application (zipped) of 2 MB (but might grow to max 5 MB) to everyone on the subscription list which now is 900 people and might grow to 2,000. Of course the emails are accepted by the users to be send such files to.

I want to send the application (updates) about 10-15 times a year, mostly with a month in between but sometimes I need to send a few in a month (so a few times 900 people times 2-5 MB).

Is there a way to easily send such files to this many people without being blocked by an ISP or by use of special software/websites?

(Edit: Currently I use my own ISP ... I can send mails per 50 recipients so I split the list in about 18 mails now for 900 users). Before I used Hotmail but I can send only to about 200 recipients a day needing 5 days to reach everybody.)

The reason I rather email it myself is that I rather want users to have the latest version and I know from experience not every users updates its application.

Also there are advantages of having email addresses of people using my application, e.g. for questions, testing purposes, requests and (textual) updates.

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Your requirements go beyond what most free services offer. Besides we can't suggest free email services since that question is off topic. There is also the fact your current solution IS FREE. –  Ramhound Feb 4 '13 at 11:48
I thought it would be a topic for a superuser. –  Michel Keijzers Feb 4 '13 at 11:52
Why are you trying to use email to distribute an application, rather than uploading the file to a suitable host and emailing the URL? –  OrbWeaver Feb 4 '13 at 11:52
@MichelKeijzers - This question is borderline. The only reason I can't say its not on topic is because you didn't actually ask for suggestions for services. Except the only answers that will be possible, are possible solutions ( i.e. product suggestions ), or free alternatives to setup your own email server. There is of course the added fact setting up your own email server is not difficult and there is pleanty of research information on the subject that exists. –  Ramhound Feb 4 '13 at 11:54
900 emails of 5 MB each, once a month, probably wouldn't fall outside the terms of use of most shared hosting plans, and as such, it might be beneficial to spend the $5-$10 a month and just pay for shared hosting. I don't think that's much to spend on something you consider a hobby. However, your needs may differ. Also, I'm of the opinion you should be emailing them a link, nobody likes getting 5 MB attachments in their emails. Also, just because you send them an email, doesn't mean they will bother installing it. You'll still have a bunch of people with the old version. –  Kibbee Feb 4 '13 at 13:38

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This isn't a perfect solution but I think is better than the current, (and combining some very good comments)

First I personally would not send someone a 5Mb attachment unsolicited. You don't know what things are like on their end and there are just too many free ways to have a file published for free (DropBox, Ubuntu One, Google Docs and about 1000 others).

With regard to the email one solution would be to use a gmail account set up specifically for this reason and send the emails with Google Drive attachments or links using a bulk mailer like

Yes you still have the limit of 500 per day (at least that's what I have read in several places but I haven't verified), so you would have to send half today and half tomorrow. But as I said this isn't perfect.

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