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I see Notepad adds .txt to the save name I choose. I can change this by changing file type when saving. But, next time I must change the file type again. How do I choose the default file type?

I see that my type is "Normal Text" in the Settings > Preferences. But, I see no "None" option there.

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It bugs me too that a potentially powerful code editor makes the small things so annoying. Seriously: Who writes so many *.txt files? –  Domi Apr 22 '14 at 9:33

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I found a workaround here. You have to edit langs.xml. On windows it is located in appdata\roaming\notepad++. Change < Language name="normal" ext="txt"/> to < Language name="normal" ext=""/>. Then set your default language to Normal Text. Alternately, you could change a language you don't use if you wish to keep Normal Text for .txt files. I choose makefile because I don't use it and there is only one setting for # comments.

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If you are wanting to save a file with a default extension of let's say, .c , everytime you use notepad++. You go into Settings -> Preferences -> File Association -> click C, C++,obj in Supported exts: -> click .c -> press the (->) button o put it into Registered exts: . You now will by default first choice, save as a .c file

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If you are using Notepad2, hit cntrl-f7. Then click edit/find Enter extension. Several clicks will bring you to the bottom of the page. Look for Extension= Then enter txt not .txt, just txt File/save Close Notepad2 and it will work next time you use it.

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