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How do I identify font substitution in PowerPoint 2010? In my computer I have several fonts. I get PowerPoint files from my friends, and I would like to quickly check whether they have used any font that is not in my computer and font substitution has happened. Is there a way by which this can be quickly checked? Please help.

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A) To see a list of all the fonts used in a presentation

  1. Go to File tab / Info

  2. In the right pane click the down arrow next to Properties and choose Advanced Properties:


  3. Click on the Contents tab:


B) To check whether fonts used in a presentation are installed on your system or not

  1. On the Home tab go to the Editing group

  2. Click the down arrow next to Replace and choose Replace Fonts:


  3. The upper of the two list boxes tells you what fonts the presentation uses, and a ? next to any of the fonts indicates that the font isn't installed on your system


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