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How to install mimms on Mac using homebrew. Earlier, I installed it using MacPorts but they are ugly and clutter the system a lot. Therefore, on another machine I installed HomeBrew instead, which works fine except I am unable to find mimms on it. Googling results in nothing.

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If semi-automatic installation is also an option you can install libmms via Homebrew and get the latest mimms release from It's just a few Python scripts but they rely on libmms.0.dylib so after calling make you'll need to change the cdll.LoadLibrary call in build/ accordingly. – Stefan Schmidt May 10 '13 at 13:43

I wrapped the suggestions in the above comment into a formula for mimms:

It can be applied via the brew install <URL> mechanism.

brew install

Update (2014-10-28): Meanwhile mimms is available from the main repository:

brew install mimms
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