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Basically when I right click project --> Debug --> Start New Instance in visual studio 2012 with chrome as the default browser, it seemingly picks a random window instance of chrome browser and opens a new tab there.

My desired behavior is that it would open a new chrome browser window and then mvc web preview. Or if there has already been an MVC debug instance launched, then it will open a new tab in that window. I have no idea how it would be able to do this writing an extension or something. But this opening of tabs in random chrome windows drives me nuts. Especially when combined with VirtualWin (so these new windows from another desktop workspace get pulled into the current workspace).

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I am pretty sure this is default Chrome behavior rather than something from Visual Studio. Chrome uses the last window you had active as the place to add the new tab. You can test this out by clicking on a link from email (and assuming Chrome is your default system browser) watching where the new tab opens up.

It might be possible to pass command line arguments to Chrome to specify to open in a new window but you would likely need to write a VS extension to do that.

Check out Default Browser Switcher for one idea.

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