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Outlook from time to time makes an operation 'Send and receive' This can be sometimes quite slow and whole outlook hangs while this is done.

  1. Is is possible to set different intervals for different mail accounts (if user has multiple accounts configured within Outlook, e.g., main Exchange account and one or more IMAP accounts)

  2. If yes (or even if only for some (e.g., IMAP accounts), where in the settings it can be configured? (e.g., Outlook 2007)

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There are no mail check intervals with Exchange, as notifications are pushed to the client and therefore are immediate. –  paradroid Feb 4 '13 at 16:57

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Ok i will teach you this on the Microsoft Outlook 2010..

You have to click File > Options > Advanced > Then look for Send/Receive and click on the right button for more options..

There you can create many groups with selected accounts, and then select settings like time interval for checking new emails, download sizes, etc. Its a friendly interface.

Good luck, any problems report with an reply

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Works on Outlook 2013 too. –  MadeOfAir Aug 17 at 16:33

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