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Is it possible to have my computer shut off its monitors or go to sleep after say 5 minutes, but only if video is not playing?

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I'm not sure which application you're using to play back video, but for me at least, this is already the behaviour of Windows 8 when using the metro video player app or media centre. I just have the normal power settings configured. I haven't tried media player or VLC (or other players) so can't say about those. – PJC Feb 5 '13 at 7:56
This is in VLC. – Caleb Jares Feb 5 '13 at 15:39
Odd, it does work. I just assumed it wouldn't. I wonder if it will work for playing audio as well. – Caleb Jares Feb 5 '13 at 15:56
Update: this does now work for Netflix, but does work for VLC. – Caleb Jares Feb 6 '13 at 5:38
Odd - I'm sure I've run the Netflix app with no problems when I had a trial subscription (I found not enough content here - UK - to be worthwhile continuing). Are you using the Metro-style App, or inside a browser? – PJC Feb 6 '13 at 8:37

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