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I want to remap the keyboard layout/language switching to Win+Space, I tried it with:

LWin & Space::Send, ^+

But it doesn't seem to work, I would want it to send a Ctrl+Shift sequence so that I can switch between keyboard layouts with Win+Space.

How can I make this work?

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Are you sure this is Ctrl+Shift? On my system it is Alt+Shift. anyway, use this command:

LWin & Space::Send, {Alt Down}{Shift}{Alt up}

Replace Alt for Ctrl if your system indeed uses the Ctrl+Shift combination.

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You can easely (by changing first two lines to:

$~#Space up::LangSwitch(2)

) modify wOxxOm's Keyboard layout switcher for using Win+Space instead of right control. And it will work no matter which hotkeys are set up for switching layout in Windows (default is Alt+Shift, I'm using Ctrl+Shift).

Because of non-ahk-native switching (script uses WinAPI), whole script is rather bulky, so I didn't paste it inline. In case of inaccessibility, here it is:

(again, all credits go to wOxxOm, source script is there:

P.S. That script is quite old, and has hardcoded byte-offsets, so I'm not sure if it will work with 64-bit Autohotkey.exe or in 64-bit Windows. I only have 32-bit at hand.

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Win+Space switch works fine on my win7-x64:

; This should be replaced by whatever your native language is. See 
; for the language identifiers list.
ru := DllCall("LoadKeyboardLayout", "Str", "00000419", "Int", 1)
en := DllCall("LoadKeyboardLayout", "Str", "00000409", "Int", 1)

w := DllCall("GetForegroundWindow")
pid := DllCall("GetWindowThreadProcessId", "UInt", w, "Ptr", 0)
l := DllCall("GetKeyboardLayout", "UInt", pid)
if (l = en) 
    PostMessage 0x50, 0, %ru%,, A
PostMessage 0x50, 0, %en%,, A

more details:

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Your script is:

Sleep 500
Send, {CTRL}

then install puntoswitcher and set change language on control press. thats all

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