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I am trying to configure my wireless router to block domains that are potentially dangerous to privacy, security, and bandwidth-hogs. Is there a list of domains that I can block at the router level? On a machine level, I have set the hosts file from and that works on my machine. However, I want to implement something at the router level too - so that all computers in my household are somewhat protected.

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The way the question's been asked would lead me to think of this as something community wiki. – alex Oct 13 '09 at 8:53
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Consider an OpenDNS setup to start with

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my router download and execute this rule everyday:

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I second nik, OpenDNS is already blocking dangerous sides. Also setting the DNS in the router would directly effect all other PCs as long as they don't have the DNS set.

You might also want to consider installing Firefox, since that one is using a Google-maintained blacklist which also warns you about dangerous sides.

I'd also recommend WOT, Web Of Trust, which is a community project to warn you about potential dangerous sides.

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