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Please can anyone suggest a free application which creates virtual serial ports and any traffic on that port is redirected to given TCP/IP address?

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TCP/IP over Serial Line: As in SLIP/PPP... – nik Oct 13 '09 at 9:50
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If this is for Windows, then see HW VSP3 - Virtual Serial Port

HW VSP is a software driver that adds a virtual serial port (e.g. COM5) to the operating system and redirects the data from this port via a TCP/IP network to another hardware interface, which is specified by its IP address and port number.

Main Features

  • Free, unrestricted Virtual Serial Port driver for any TCP/IP devices
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP (Win 98, NT) and Windows Vista
  • Runs as a standalone application, or as a NT service suitable for servers
  • Option to start at Windows startup and minimize to System Tray
  • Single-port (free) and multi-port (commercial) version
  • Supports RFC 2217, allowing to change remote serial port parameters (such as speed, parity, stop bits) over TCP using NVT
  • VSP driver typically operates as a “TCP client”; however, it can also be used as a “TCP server” (useful for GPRS applications)
  • Configuration stored in an INI file
  • Configuration protected with a password
  • Supports UAC (User Account Control – user switching in Windows XP and Vista)
  • This software is FREEWARE, as long as you comply with the license terms and conditions


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com0com, Null-modem emulator, also includes COM to TCP redirection.

The Null-modem emulator can be used to provide serial interface for COM port redirectors. For example, with the com2tcp ( COM port to TCP redirector, part of the com0com project ) you can communicate via serial interface with the TCP/IP servers.

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I just found TCPCOM32 and there are also some other projects at SourceForge which are doing such a thing.

Also, what operating system?

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