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I need to connect to a remote machine (Windows Azure instance), but the only way to do so is by using a certain .rdp file. Trying to type the url or IP, doesn't work.

The problem with the .rdp file is that the connection is always fullscreen.

I looked at the file, and it's just plain text:

full address:s:OMITTED
LoadBalanceInfo:s:Cookie: mstshash=MyProject#MyProject_IN_0

I tried creating another dummy file with RDC, using the resolution settings I wanted, and then modified the Azure .rdp file to look like:

full address:s:OMITTED
LoadBalanceInfo:s:Cookie: mstshash=MyProject#MyProject_IN_0

but it still goes full screen.

The resolution on the remote machine isn't changeable:
azure instance display settings

How can I connect in windowed mode?

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I feel dumb, I didn't notice that I can open the .rdp file in Remote Desktop Connection. Once doing that, I can use the Display tab to set the desired resolution.

RDC connection settings

At the same time, I also discovered that I can right-click on the .rdp file and select Edit. This opens it in RDC, where you can make whatever changes you want, and then just click save. Looking at the file in a text editor it looks like I was missing a few additional parameters:

screen mode id:i:1
session bpp:i:32
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