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I am on Windows-XP Professional. While using the windows search to find a keyword or phrase in file, is there any option to say that return results having that world only, do not return if that word is part of a other big word.

e.g. I want to search all files having keyword "link"

but I do not want the results to show me files which have the word "unlink" where "link" is a part of "unlink"

I could not find any options for even in the advanced search options. It did have one Case Sensitive , but no option to say something like "match whole word only" .

What are my other options, if not Windows native search?

Does google desktop search tool has this option to find whole word only?

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I don't even think the Google Desktop Search Tool is still supported. I suggest Windows Search 4.0 since its geared specifically towards Windows XP. – Ramhound Feb 6 '13 at 19:02
@Ramhound - thanks. – goldenmean Feb 7 '13 at 9:31
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Install Windows Search 4. See Advanced Query Syntax

"match whole word only" query

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query="WindowsS"

"match whole word only" query

Wildcard Prefix

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query="WindowsS"*

Wildcard Prefix query WDS 4

Type of content

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query="WindowsS"* kind:docs

enter image description here

Wildcard suffix

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query=*ation

Wildcard suffix WDS 4

Parenthesized query

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query=((fibonacci)OR(simplex))kind:docs

Parenthesized query WDS 4

Far manager 2, command line WDS 4.

Far manager 2 command line WDS 4

Extensions file types:

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query="unsigned short" ext:.h

Additional. After indexing 400k+ content files search query time ...

Need good query!

Size base of Windows.edb 1794Mb. Size folder Search 3135 Mb.

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query=((ext:.h)OR(ext:.cpp)OR(ext:.c)) "unsigned short"

Extensions file types

WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query=folder:("N:\Exchange\"*) ((ext:.h)OR(ext:.cpp)OR(ext:.c)) "unsigned short"
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Thanks. Do you know what option/switch is used to search a keyword only in *.c , *.cpp *.h files. – goldenmean Feb 7 '13 at 10:37
WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query=((ext:.h)OR(ext:.cpp)OR(ext:.c)) "unsigned short" – STTR Feb 7 '13 at 13:54
WindowsSearch.exe /url search-ms:query=folder:("N:\Exchange\") ((ext:.h)OR(ext:.cpp)OR(ext:.c)) "unsigned short" – STTR Feb 7 '13 at 14:01

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