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I need to include some Java code in a Word document. It looks bad when it takes 1-2 pages. I'd like to put it in some kind of text area with a scrollbar. Does MS Word have such a feature?

PS This document won't be printed

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Create file htmlarea.html:

 <textarea cols="80" rows="12" wrap="virtual"></textarea>

Open file in Internet Explorer. Press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C. (copy htmltextarea)

Open file in Internet Explorer Press Ctrl+V in Microsoft Word. (paste htmltextarea)

htmltextarea in Microsoft Word 2007

Resize htmltextarea in Design mode.

Waring! Design mode may clear htmltextarea text in unsave document!

Resize htmltextarea

Close Design mode. Insert text. Not table or image, text only. The text is not color. Insert text

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