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I copied simplenote.vim to my ~/.vim/plugin directory and added the login variables to the .vimrc. When I launch vim, it will autocomplete :Simplenote.

But when I add an argument and execute I get the error

E117: Unknown function: simplenote#SimpleNote

I know I have python installed on MacVim because :python asks for an argument.

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figured it out. from the simplnote.vim archive, install what is in the autoload/ to your .vim/autoload/ and install the file in plugin/ to your /.vim/plugin/. – Kieran Feb 7 '13 at 5:22

You need to install the entire archive; just the plugin/ contents won't suffice. Since Vim 7, the autoload mechanism allows plugins to lazy-load much of their functionality on first use, reducing Vim startup time and memory footprint.

Many users prefer a plugin manager like Vundle or Pathogen; it makes installing and updating plugins easier.

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Yes you need both files installed. Just saw that I didn't update the installation notes in the README when I switched to autoload. Sorry about that. I'm going to update the instructions there.

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