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Are there any plugins / snippets that can generate a C++ class skeleton from a given header file, for Vim? (I tried ccimpl but there does not seem to be much information on implementing it).

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May give you what you're looking for. Failing that, you could simply define your own templates for simple c++ classes (and other structures) by creating either a cpp.tpl or cpp.patterns.tpl file, and then placing them in your after folder and auto running them when a cpp file is loaded.

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As I understand OP's question, he wants to automatically generate empty function definitions from the (member) functions declared in a header file. I'm not sure the template solution you're describing will answer the question. May be you can add more details on the subject. – Luc Hermitte Aug 5 '15 at 8:44

There is

  • Protodef that'll parse the complete file (malgca gave the link to vim.sf where to find it),
  • lh-cpp, but this time, you'll have to select each function and type :GOTOIMPL as many times as required (:MOVETOIMPL can move a inlined function definition from the header file to the .cpp file). Notes: This also permits to jump to the function definition, and alas, I don't support template functions and classes yet (but is it really an issue as their definitions shall be included?).
  • header-expander, which isn't wrapped into a vim plugin yet. It should give better results as it's based on clang and not on a handmade decoding of a C++ function signature in a scripting language (viml, python, ...) -- here is an article that describes how it works (in French).
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