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I have a dual boot set up (win 8/ubuntu 12.04) and in Ubuntu all 5 of my windows drives show up individually on the Unity launcher. It takes up a lot of space but I like being able to link directly to the drive.

One solution may be to create some shortcuts but I was wondering if there was a more elegant solution working off of the nice Unity launcher interface.

In Windows, I am able to have each drive linked to the explorer right click menu for quick selection. Is something like this doable in Ubuntu off of the home folder icon or a custom icon?

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You want the list of partitions to appear in the file browser right click menu? When you right click on what? – terdon Feb 7 '13 at 17:41
On an icon within the Unity launcher, either the home folder icon (desirable) or a custom icon. – Enigma Feb 7 '13 at 17:44
It sounds to me like the solution you're looking for is a custom Unity icon (which, mind you, I don't know how to do), not a "virtual hard drive". Is that accurate? – Marcus Chan Feb 7 '13 at 19:17
My thought was that there may be two or more routes to essentially solve my problem. Creating a virtual drive that effectively has all real drives mapped under it would be sufficient while utilizing Unity would be more elegant. – Enigma Feb 7 '13 at 19:19
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This would be a good resource if you wanted to get into the code:


There are two kinds of Quicklists: the static ones which are always shown once on right-click from the launcher entry and dynamic ones which are only displayed once the application is started.

Static Quicklist entries

Adding a Static Quicklist entry is very easy, all you need is to add some support to the desktop file. This is based on the desktop file formats Action Groups.

Here is what needs to be added to gnome-screenshot to support Quicklist

[…] Actions=Screen;Window;

[Desktop Action Screen] Name=Take a Screenshot of the Whole Screen Exec=gnome-screenshot OnlyShowIn=Unity;

[Desktop Action Window] Name=Take a Screenshot of the Current Window Exec=gnome-screenshot -w OnlyShowIn=Unity;

Actions is referencing a Desktop Action. Each Desktop Action references an item entry in the Quicklist. Here, we have the "Screen" and "Window" entries, corresponding to :

[Desktop Action entry]

Then, each group have:

a Name=, which is the entry as it's displayed which should be in title case.

an Exec= referring a command line to execute once clicked. Details on additional syntax.

OnlyShowIn=Unity is recommended to tell "show that entry in the Unity Springboard Quicklist" so that the file can be given upstream

without the possibility of showing up in other untested desktop environments. Please let upstream projects decide if they want to have this action shown more widely.

In the desktop spec there is a full desktop file sample with actions. Here is an example of a patch for gnome-utils using the old X-Ayatana style, but shows how to format the patch, with links to ubuntu bug and forwarded upstream.

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Would be nice if there was a module or something that allowed customized icons to be easily created using the API as a back-end. – Enigma Feb 15 '13 at 1:42

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