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In Windows XP the file extension gets selected when renaming a file. If I choose to add that extension to the Known filetypes, it doesn't show the extension but the file type still changes.

For example, whenever I rename a subtitle (and I do that very often, because I use Serviio), I can edit the whole name (Subtitle name and the".srt" extension), not only the name. I have seen similar posts, but none worked, I even tried the "The End" program, and nothing.

Thank you

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Did you try an AutoHotKey script? Possible duplicate of Renaming files using F2 on Windows XP‌​. Also see Any tool available to make renaming in Windows XP more like Mac OS X? – Karan Feb 7 '13 at 22:31

How about disabling the 'Hide extensions for know file type' Windows Explorer feature - personally I hate it anyway, but with it disabled, you can see the whole filename (including extension) and can chose if/when to change that extension.

Or you can extend XPs behaviour with a utility like AutoHotKey.

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