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I have the following: A excel spreadsheet with names and url's to a QR code, each in a column of the spreadsheet. The url returns a jpeg picture of the QR code. A word doc where these names and pictures should merge into, and then printed as badges. It works on Windows and now trying to do the same on a MAC with Office for MAC.

This is my field code in word: `{INCLUDEPICTURE"{MERGEFIELD url}"} "url" is a column in the excel spreadsheet.

It works when picture / qr code is a local file on the harddrive, but when I try to get it from the web by inserting the url it does not get the picture or insert a picture.

This is the instruction I followed to get it to work on windows -

Any ideas or suggestions??

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Have you tried removing the MERGEFIELD and inserting the URL in directly to test? Make sure to press F9 to update the field. – Adam Feb 10 '13 at 9:10

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