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Is there any good terminal emulator program which will help me save commands so I dont have to type them again and again . It is for communicating with a serial port (COM port) in windows and I have tried putty and serterm but they dont have this functionality. Do you know of any other free software which can achieve what I want?

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the Windows command prompt has a history of commands. Pres F7 to open it:

F7: Shows list of all previous commands from command history

You can press "F7" key to get a list of all previously executed commands and then you can use Up or Down arrow keys to cycle though them. Press Enter to execute the selected command.

enter image description here

(Image-) Source:

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Save the long, complicated command as a PowerShell script with a short, convenient name.

PowerShell is built into Windows 7. Create the script with Windows PowerShell ISE, or just type the command in a text editor and save the file with a '.ps1' extension. This page may be helpful if you haven't used PowerShell before:

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