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Is there anything in a custom formatted formula which defines the text alignment?

I know the different parts of the formula is numbers, negative numbers and so on, but I need to set the alignment.


_*# ##0_;_*(# ##0)_;_*"-"??_;_@_
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you want it aligned how? the custom format you show above is close or far from what you want? –  datatoo Feb 9 '13 at 1:08

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While it is not possible to explicitly set the cell alignment using a custom format, you can achieve the same effect using the Repeat Characters syntax in the custom format. This syntax is simply the * character followed by the character that you want to repeat, in this case presumably the space character.

For example, the simple comma-separated number format "#,##0" can be made to align left by changing the format string to "#,##0* ".

Taking the example further, you could have number entries align left and text entries align right using the custom format string "#,##0* ;;;* @".

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Alignment cannot be set in a number formatting string. By default, numbers are right-aligned and text is left-aligned. To change these, you need to use the alignment commands, either on the toolbar/ribbon or on the alignment tab of the format dialog.

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Not exactly. I have to agree with @teylyn but you can do something that you might be able to adapt.

enter image description here

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