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I have a bunch of friends, and we will share our documents and photos.

My original idea is that we can use "public folder" or "shared folder" in Dropbox so that each of us can easily upload photos to my account. And since it's public, each of us can download photos.

However, I tried and found that although I can use my "public folder" or "shared folder" they only enable other people to download my files, it does not enable other people upload files to my folder.

I have no concern about the file privacy, so the public folder can be accessed by anyone. But here my question is how to setup Dropbox so that everyone can upload files to my particular folder?

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To create a shared folder to use with other people you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to dropbox.com
  2. Go to Sharing (its on the left menu).
  3. Click on New Shared Folder (enter folder name).
  4. Add the emails of the people you want to share the folder.

The people invited to that folder should be able to read/write from it.

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Just to add a note - Dropbox requires you to create a Dropbox account to be able to use a shared folder. –  mikato Dec 18 '14 at 19:56
@mikato This is the info Really wanted - must I have a dropbox accounts. Sounds like the answer is yes. –  jmsmcfrlnd Apr 25 at 4:35

Here is a great web app you should give it a try.


The only limitation is the size of each file limited to 100M.

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+1 - Exactly what I needed! Great site, however, the file size is now 50MB. –  Lynda Sep 14 '13 at 20:03
File size now limited to 20MB. –  Ryan Griggs Jan 14 at 2:44

Using http://SendToMyCloud.com, you can create an upload page for your Dropbox account, that allows users to upload directly to your Dropbox account without having an account, themselves.

FWIW, this also works with Google Drive accounts.

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As a workaround, you can create this simple browser uploader for Dropbox which will allow anyone to upload files to a particular folder in your Dropbox account. All you need is a web server that supports php.


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“All you need is a web server that supports php.” You and I may have different definitions of the word “simple”. –  Paul D. Waite May 13 '13 at 15:57
"simple" modifies the noun phrase "browser uploader" not the process of building a webserver with php. –  jnovack Feb 10 at 20:37

EntourageBox seems to be the right tool. http://www.entouragebox.com

You can invite friends with a URL and have them upload files straight to your Dropbox.

  1. Grant EntourageBox access to your Dropbox
  2. Name a folder to have EntourageBox place the uploaded files in
  3. Get the generated URL to the upload page and share it with your friends
  4. Your friends visit the URL and upload files straight to a Dropbox folder

Here's an article discussing and describing the tool: http://www.freewaregenius.com/entouragebox-allow-friends-to-upload-files-straight-into-your-dropbox/


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1MB limit per file in "free mode". Useless. –  Ryan Griggs Jan 14 at 2:43
It appears that a 2 euro fee will got you a permanent upload url with no limit. Apparently a one-time fee. This makes me uncomfortable though. With no recurring revenue stream how can they invest in security? –  JaseC Feb 10 at 0:23

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