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I want to filter out some websites in my home. I have a few computers in my home all of which are connected to internet. I want to block some sites like adult sites for all the computers.

I don't want to block these sites using any software or something because eventually the protection will be gone when the software is uninstalled.

I want to block it from the dsl router through which all the computers are connected to internet.

My router name is huawei EchoLife HG510a.


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You are approaching it the wrong way. You will never be able to block all adult sites yourself, that is a full time job. So leave that to the companies who make these lists and use their software, either a DNS solution or a internet filtering software package. Good filtering software cannot easily be disabled or uninstalled. – Jan Doggen Sep 1 '14 at 9:25

Actually a good product that blocks not only sites of a certain category but also bad sites(ie trojans and etc) is OpenDNS. They do have a free Home version. I have been using it at home to block kids from seeing inappropriate stuff and it works great. Here is the link to register for the home version. Just select the Home version and sign up.

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Good solution, but you should add that he will have to prevent the users from changing DNS settings again. – Jan Doggen Sep 1 '14 at 9:27

EchoLife HG510 Home Gateway User Manual

User Manual EchoLife HG510 Home Gateway Chapter 3 Configuration Guide

Figure 3-30 Advanced Setup – Firewall – Outgoing IP Filtering Setup

P 52.

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